Research with the fishing industry

Tim Langlois’s PhD revealed that predation by rock lobster can control the abundance of soft-sediment infauna adjacent to rocky reefs. In collaboration with DPIRD-Fisheries, the Western Rock Lobster Council and fishers, Tim is the Principal Investigator on a Fisheries Research Development Corporation (FRDC) funded project to investigate the recruitment dynamics of the Western Rock Lobster fishery. The MEG lab is also invloved in another two FRDC funded projects, the first with DPRID-Fisheries to investigate lobster catchability and the second with Prof Chari Pattiaratchi to establish a strong current warning system for fishers and improve knowledge of coastal water circulation. These projects represent excellent research training opportunities for postgraduate students. We are also contributing to the organising committee for the 12th International Conference and Workshop on Lobster Biology and Management, to be held in Perth in 2020 and that will provide an excellent opportunity for raising the profile of UWA in meeting the needs of the Blue Economy agenda.