Brooke Gibbons


My main roles in the UWA Marine Ecology Fisheries research lab include statistical analysis, planning and conducting fieldwork, database collation and helping postgraduate students with their studies.

About me

I grew up in Perth and completed my Bachelor of Science in Physical and Analytical Chemistry with a second major in Marine Science, at UWA in 2016. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I decided that a chemistry lab wasn’t for me. I began my Masters degree in Marine Biology in the second half of 2016, under the supervision of Dr. Tim Langlois, Dr. Jane Prince, Dr. Jordan Goetze, Dr. Joachim Claudet, and Dr. Lauric Thiault. My research found that marine reserves in Mo’orea, French Polynesia, decrease fish wariness but do not increase abundance. I now work in the UWA Marine Ecology Group Fisheries research lab as a research assistant for Dr. Tim Langlois.


Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre
School of Biological Sciences (M470)
35 Stirling Highway, Crawley WA 6009</p>
+618 6488 4364
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